Dimitra Giouroukou

International Patients Coordinator and Patient Liaison ManagerDimitra is responsible for day to day operations and provides support to patients, physician and multidisciplinary teams. Her excellent organisational skills and her knowledge of healthcare systems operations, as well as her personal experience both in the NHS and Greek Health Organisations make her the ideal guide through the IVF journey. She will provide educational information in conjunction with the doctors relating to treatments, procedures, medication and continuing care requirements. She liaises with our entire team to manage your journey and make your treatment as stress free as possible.




Dimitra has a strong academic background in Physics and Applied Science and has worked in scientific research for many years. She has lived in the UK and Cyprus where she obtained overseas experience in management of medical facilities. She has now returned to Greece in order to join our team. She has excellent knowledge of English and Italian and she is good in Spanish and French when the occasion calls. Dimitra’s compassion, discretion and genuine understanding of medical situations and protocols ensure that even the most unsure patients feel at ease with their care in a foreign country.

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